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Welcome to Soul Process Art,I hope it will ignite you imagination and encourage you to join me here for monthly updates and so much more!  I am so glad you are here!

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Stop the Blood

Meditation and Words

by Carolyn Boatman

Music by Wes Boatman

I want my words to mean something

I want them to calm  you   like a lullaby

I want my music to rock you to sleep

 and take you to tender rest     far from  this hill

so steep.


But,     my heart cries

my voice screams


Stop the Blood


I want to find sacred meaning in my daily pace

Can WE Stop our furious chaotic     false win thinking             its a race.

There is no win, when our babies die and our hearts descend.


Stop the Blood


This is not peace,        remove your gloves  

feel the sting

The pain       of midnight over and over     lost

Hate,    disillusioned by this illusion, 

it is a thing   

We must  realize the cost.


Stop the fires that burn away the heart,

Stop the words that seek meaning but are found 

not  beating.


Stop the Blood

Stop The Blood

Stop the Blood


Evil will always be evil.

Proceeding, needing transparent leading,

pray so truth not ego can be succeeding.


Stop the Blood


I want to find peace by being a purveyor of love.


Let it drip from YOUR fingertips,

Take off your gloves.

I want, Yes once again and again,  I want

to find Sanctuary in my neighbors eyes

For our smile is hidden by a task of a fabric mask.


Once again,

Love once again.


Your neighbor

 Love once again


A lifetime of stories, are not our color,

Love for our humanity is our history.

Believe the dreams and not the anger.


Love      God        for     we are

We simply are 


but we must



Stop the Blood

Stop the Blood

Stop the Blood

Stop the Blood


Stop The Blood II
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Please keep scrolling down for more fun stuff about making a Soul Print, and I have added all 6 Meditations being used in my 6 week series.

I hope they help you to find your EASE AND TO CREATE!!!!!

Do You want to know more about the process of making a SOUL PRINT?

Come with me for the development of a Soul Print.

After the process of newspaper, charcoal, and a spray bottle of water infused with essential oil- you make several rubbing from the templete. Pick one to complete- 

Illustration #1    I was drawn to the Fox.  FOX:  Feminine magic of camouflage ,

shapeshifting and invisibility. 

(Remember that invisibility

when you read my story.)

After studying the print for a few days I also saw a Lion.

LION: Assertion of the feminine and the power of the female Sun. (I have had an awakening summer- becoming bold and stepping into my truth.)

I had a decision to make would I go with the FOX or the LION. 

                                                And what about the bird                                                        taking flight from the Lions                                                  crown.


CHICKADEE: The symbolic

qualities of a chickadee= Sacred 

number is seven, seeker of truth

and knowledge.

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" Soul Process Art is so much more than ART.  It is an "Abstract to Reality" art form that will squeeze your brain and tickle your SOUL.  It is a creative path that opens your imagination and explodes creative juices . . . All the while bringing calm to what ever world you are coming from."

Carolyn Boatman


Finished Fall 2021 Soul Print

Meditations I'm sharing in my  Series
at THE BARN  in Mariemont, OHIO

THE Story that came from this Lion and Chickadee!

Fall 2021 Soul Process Art Series

Carolyn Boatman

Never too late . . . never to soon


When talking animal spirits I look back and realize many things.

I was a fox when I was a wee one.  A fox is a master of camouflage, shape shifters invisibility and a trickster at times.


 It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s when I began to be a lion.  A Lion Assertion of the feminine and power.  Symbolic of variety of energies through the years.  Symbol of the sun and gold.

Let me explain.  I wanted to be a lion but it frightened me. Being the fox worked very well with the invisibility I always felt, because I thought no one ever really saw me. 


Looking back I realize I was two different personalities.  I thought I was shy but perhaps I just enjoyed camo wear.  I liked it, it made things easy, I could hide in the art studio, I longed to be the lion but I was afraid to let my lion qualities shine, so I chose to hide. 


I was married with children in my early 20’s.  Mid 20’s I began to become a lion, a lioness, it was a matter of survival.


So I will confess, when it comes to soul prints . . . I dive deep into this art methods, thats what I love about it- it allows you to dive deep. 

I’m passionate about exploring art technic and finding meaning behind it all.  I began soul printing at 53, and it’s magical process over the last 18 years has fulfilled those curious needs. 


Now at 69, My Fall 2021 Series was filled with great discovery. Never too late, never too soon.  It has been a process.

My Soul Print materialized-  it spoke to me, answering some long time questions and is helping me know my self better Body, Mind, and Soul.

This soul print started out as the FOX as I was as a child.

And then I saw the LION as I became as an adult.

As far as this soul print, speaking to me . . . would  I choice the lion or fox.

You can see what I choose.


This summer I wore a sexy red dress to a party and I let my lion power stand strong. Red represents a healthy emotion and relationship vibrating from the deepest reaches of our heart. Never too late, never too soon.  It was fun and empowering. That explains the rich red background. The Gold Crown, Gold is a color of independence and intelligence. Gold light invokes self-confidence.   The Chickadee flying from the Golden crown on the Lions head spoke to me.   When I saw the Native Indian spirit bird Chickadee described as a Seeker of Truth and Knowledge- the sacred number of this bird is 7.  My sacred number is 7.  It represented cheerful and truthful Expression and a cycle of Power.

This Soul Print is right with my Soul.

 So, tell me Soul Printing is not important- making stories from a visual image out of random design.  It takes abstract to reality that is the magic of Soul Process Art.

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