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I am so
glad you
are here.

Roses are in my life, they have been present in my memories since I was in 3rd grade.  We lived in a wonderful small house. Gray with white trim . . . . . it would be right in style today with the rage  of gray and white everything.

 My favorite memory is of the beautiful rose arbor that trimmed our side yard. They were climbers the most delicate white with a trim of pink, I have been seeking those roses ever since my childhood.  I have found them just a few times in my life.  All I know, my soul smiles when ever I can go to that place, my inner child finds  peace and  rest among 

 the presence of roses.

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Sisterhood Circle

We meet the 3rd Thursday of 7 months in 2024.

Jan. 18th Vision Board

March 21st- bring your project

April 18th- let's get ready for Spring

May 16th- take a peek at Soul Printing

June- date will be announces for a trip to the Country!  Sabbath Song Farm

July Skip

Aug. 15th

September 19th

October 17th

November,December Skip

RSVP- Cost Full Year $55.  after
May $30.

The Sisterhood Circle , January 18th- was a grand success.  It was a perfect group, at a perfect time.  We made our vision/intention boards and took them home to finish.  Keeping them where we can see them, available to remind us of what 2024 is going to be.  What attitude we will try to keep present, mantras that will remind us what we want to carry in our heart, and  remind us of the beauty we seek.

I wondered why my vision was so simple for this year . . .

I am pleased and simply confirmed that it needs to be exactly that.  I need to trust in divine time, divine appointment, and divine presence, I do not need to do it all and I need to "Believe" that is exactly what I need it to be.  I have been ambitious most of my life, and often I seemed to be running in circles.  At this time of my life, I don't have enough energy to do it all.  I have set my plan and now it is time to wait to hear the whisper of confirmation, feel fine about saying no I can't be there, or do that or do this, and carry on with what is confirmed in my heart.

I am thrilled to say- January 18 was confirmation that our Sisterhood circle is a "GO"  and we will meet March 21st, 1:00 to 4:00 for another Sisterhood Circle gathering at The Barn, TACK ROOM.  Bring your creative project? Box of photo's to sort?   The sweater you are knitting for your brother, or just your conversation?   Come join us for a sweet gathering  of like minded creatives and enjoy an afternoon of laughter, common ground, and good good company.  If you are interested in all the details , dates and cost please go to  the workshop page, "Sisterhood Circle."

Please stay awhile and get to know me and the SOUL PROCESS ART method, it is so much more than ART.
Spring 2024 Series Dates are set! Details coming!


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I hope to see You in 2023.


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