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My Mission Statement

Evolving and sharing Soul Process Art technique programs.  Developing the discovery through art.  Sharing the benefits to others, artist and non-artist alike. 

 “Soul Process Art” has been in the making for 20 years of growing the process. With Confidence built and tested through the years give way to teaching a Technique that is so much more than ART. It Squeezes the brain and tickles the SOUL.


My Vision

My vision for Soul Process Art is to bring this process

 to those willing to be brave enough to try something new and different.  Brave enough to expand their imagination and creative expression through a wildly freeing and fun "abstract to reality" art experience.


I have been doing the art thing since I was in Kindergarten.  It's always been my go to "Happy Jam!"

I began designing art programs when I was 16 years old. I was involved in a "Student Teaching Student" program in the Forest Hills School district.  It set me off on a life long love for art , teaching, and designing programs to take on the road to share with others. 


 "I am grateful for my early beginnings in all three of these areas.  I am grateful to an open heart, a curiosity for imagination, and a open SOUL for making creative art."

AND-one more thing . . . Bravery to experience something wildly different and share it!

Carolyn Boatman

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