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"Sisterhood Circle" 

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 SOUL PROCESS ART, continues to stretch me and shape me after almost 20 years of creating with its magic.  I took a break in January, after getting overwhelmed- well by one thing or another- it's easy to do these days!   But, I'm trying to come back into the wake of it all- Website, Facebook, Instagram, creating meditations, and keeping up with Luigi, our country donkey, and our two new puppies, Nymeria and Ghost keeps me busy on the farm.  If you enjoy those nature walks and "nature in the moment" meditations you can find them on my facebook profile page- Carolyn Boatman. It's a place where you get a little of all of me.


My SHOP won't be up and running until April.  I hope to have my Soul Process Art Positive Message cards available for sale by then.  Other projects that I am working on~  "Meditations ~ for Goodness Sake"  is my new series of meditations coming in 2022, not sure of a Goal-due Date, but I hope sometime this summer.  It will be something you can drift off to sleep, or share with your children or grandchildren.   I will fill each meditation with beautiful, textures, inspiring visuals, and whimsical music that calms the heart and takes your soul to sweet slumber. It will instill peace and  belief in all good things, for "Goodness Sake" within each composed piece.  Watch for this series coming in 2021.


Please subscribe to my website.  Each 5 to 6 week period I will be giving  Bonus Meditations away- available on my Home page. 

Welcome to my Soul Process Art  programing.  All the magic, wonder, and mistakes- for Soul Process as you know is not always coming up roses.

Please read a few or all the wonderful testimonies below. 

I know what Soul Process Art - Soul Printing - means to me.  My students give a first hand testimony of what it has given my students. 

Testimonies from my Students:

FB Testimony_ Dreama_CINDY (12).png
FB Testimony_ Dreama_CINDY (13).png

Title:  "Allow My Soul to Dance with My Imagination"

Please under stand each of my finished "Soul Prints"  are not finished until they have their story.  Writing a story has become part of "The Process" of Soul Process Art.


The story shares insight for the viewer. It stretching the mind of the ARTIST to write a story, it gives you time with the inner most YOU.  Studying your art, connecting the dots is all part of "The Process."


By displaying a story with your finished piece lends understanding for the person viewing.  It helps to direct thought and sight within. Not until then can it speak its truth.  


Oh Yes, and another thing, I do not think anyone is without creativity.  God, the Master Creator made us in his image-  so we ALL can Co-create, it has been given, so, its up to us to discover.

Soul Process Art has no rules- no regulations.  It is a free form art experience that allows your soul to dance with your imagination, YOUR DIVINE Imagination!

This was the first Soul Print I was brave enough to add color too in 2007. Using watercolor pencils, let me reach the finish I was looking for.