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Meditations to find your ease . . .

I have been creating guided meditations since 2016.

Out of  the need for EASE . . . I took my heartfelt spoken words, orchestrated them within my husbands beautifully composed music.  Together we have now produced many healing meditations that lend ease, bring peace, and illumination to souls across the world.

Creating meditations has been one of the most rewarding creative projects I have ever been honored to be involved with.  And it is an unbelievable blessing to create them with my husband and his amazing team of music makers.

I have taught creative classes since I was 16 years old.  Throughout my life, I have connected to what made my heart sing- that was creating something beautiful!  Sewing, cooking, painting, crafting, clay work, gardening, so many ways to get your creative on and I seem to have found them all at sometime of my life, some have stuck! Some I have mastered!  And some I have created myself and now teach to share the JOY of creating through Art and Meditation.

Soul Process ART & Meditations  

  I wish to share with you.



White is the Color

Clear and Clarity

Gold is the Color

Step into your Power

Emerald is the Color

Ignite Your Creativity



Silver is the Color

Wisdom of Finding HOME 

Blue is the Color

Let the Pitcher Pour

the Water

Orange is the Color

Renew Your Authentic YOU

"The Meditations of The Process"

6 Meditation


     Will be available in early 2021           

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