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Boundless and Infinite

My daughter Melissa Sexton and I have been painting together since January 2021. She has seen me paint my self through life, the good times and the bad. And believe me, we have had them all. If you have had a relationship with art, this might give you the words to

discribe what you feel when you create. This is what she sent me for Mothers Day this 2021.

To my beautiful mother, whose soul creates and inspires immeasurable beauty and light reaching the boundless and infinite corners of the universe through her art. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I am forever grateful for your divine expression of love. XOXOXO Your Honeybee XOXOXO

Boundless and Infinite

Adaptation by Melissa Sexton [1]

A state of mind where victory and defeat mean the same to you. When you stop caring what the world thinks about you and your art. The feeling cannot be described, it is when you have left behind all that you are bound by. No commercial targets to be satisfied. When you do not allow yourself to be restricted by the artificial restraints humanity places on itself. You stop caring about time, money and responsibility and lose yourself in the pleasures of your artistic self-indulgence.

You paint because you want to… and not because you have to. This State of Mind is called Boundless and Infinite. It is similar to Nirvana or Moksha that comes after death. When your soul leaves your body, and you are completely free of all materialistic desires and boundaries.

An artist can achieve Moksha while still alive through art when a masterpiece is attained. A piece of art which is far beyond the imagination and ability.

But is the artist insane… never satisfied with the end result of something they create? For an Artist it is the process of creating that piece of art which is an awesome experience. And once the artist puts the finishing touches on a work of art, a piece of the artist is lost, and it is painful to see it complete.

Perhaps therefore possessing that feeling there is always room to revisit… recreate the magic.

“Ultimately, the artist seeks to find true enlightenment and freedom through their art. The feeling of peace that can be achieved through completion but does not limit the artists ability to move onto the next creation or rebirth. Thus, there is no measurement of time and space in this process… only liberation of the soul to be reborn and create anew.”

~Melissa Sexton~

[1] (re: G2- The Story Teller-March 2015)

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