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Sisterhood Art Cincy! Primitive, Organic, Soulful!

When I say I have meet amazing people teaching my Soul Process Art workshops- this is just one very special reason why. I met Tracy McClorey 11 years ago. We became rapid friends. We felt the primitive, organic, soulful commonality within our friendship. Perhaps we were friends, sisters in a past life. You know the feeling, I’m sure. It is special and you will do anything to keep the kinship you feel going because it feeds your soul.

Both mothers, both visual artists, she a sculptor, I a painter. Both earth mama’s seeking wellness not only physical, emotional, but spiritual. We have a need to share through kindness, art, and creative writing. Hoping that what we share might help another come along with us in this creative thing we call life. Our relationship sparks creative, mental, emotional, and heartfelt growth.

Two years ago, I was needing to get out of my box, get my hands dirty. Tracy had always invited me to her studio, and at this point I was ready to take her up on

her offer. I look back on the last two years and oh, what lovely memories, and such sisterhood we have nurtured . Before the pandemic we met every Tuesday evening in her studio. She taught me so much- so primitive, organic, and soulful we have become through our art. Our creative means of living has grown, we support each other through turbulent times of motherhood. We have been there for each other’s losses, and we have learned to love each other through differences and challenges.

The Pandemic did not stop us- we continued to meet every Tuesday afternoon by face-time- sculpting and chatting, laughing and crying, strengthening our spirit through isolation. Thus, Sisterhood Art Cincy was born- and we are so excited to share our Buddha Belly Sculptures, Spirit Charms, Sacred Space Altars, and Succulent Plant Containers, Painted Journals, and Tea gift packages at the Universal Energy Expo , May 1st and 2nd, at the Covington Convention Center.

The most important reason for sharing

our sisterhood art ~ The ART of women coming together and sharing their talent, their wisdom, kindness, and understanding of differences, making our world a better place in a primitive, organic, soulful manner.

I hope you will mask up, and join us there for one of these two days or both! Come celebrate resurfacing after a long time of isolation.

Go to my website subscribe, make a copy of the 10% discount coupon for use in purchasing any of my art May 1st or 2nd, 2021- at the Universal Energy Expo. You must have the coupon to receive the discount.

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