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Because It Is My Rat Race

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Feb. 14th 2021

When I decided to give myself a little self-care and back away from Facebook and Instagram, I thought it would be only 2 weeks.

“By paying attention to the way you feel, and then choosing thoughts that feel the very best, you are managing your own vibration which means you are controlling your own point of attraction. Which means you are creating your own reality.” ~Abraham~

I planned to return all new and refreshed and full of new wonderful energy and light.

It’s been longer than 3 weeks, and I’m not sure I’m ready yet. Writing this is helping more than you know. I missed birthday wishes, anniversary celebrations, and so many wonderful words from facebook. BUT, I have not missed the negative that seems to be so present.

The division in our country does not strengthen my spirit. Being a very free person, free speech, free artistic expression, free in my soul to find God in what ever I choose is my desirer, and then share, just incase someone else feels the same. Some of these above mentioned I have missed, some I have not.

Trying to find rest- it has been a task to turn my mind off during these times. Speaking of turning things off- it has been impossible to turn my heart off. I am Spiritual, I am an empathy absorbed "being." And I know those who experience this- know what I’m talking about. It has taken me down at times- and I know better- I know my tools, but, we all have a limit.

So, what am to do? Trying to rest, trying to refresh- and move forward-is not panning out like I thought it would- because, I really beat myself up when I am not productive, I do not rest well.

My take away by just stepping back. Hummm, beside being totally relentless on making my self-care a little cra-cra, OH well, I hope you’ll be happy to see this is my take away:

1. Select only things to continue that make my heart sing and do not overwhelm my time and energy.

2. Do what I can, and pray for what I have no power over.

3. If it makes me laugh, makes me love, and gives me peace- do it!

But, let it go-Carolyn! Because when it ceases to be those things- I can remove myself from the rat race- as soon as it starts to be a rat race- because-

It Is My Rat Race. LOL!

Please take a look at my website- I refresh with new bonus full length meditations- free for subscribing each 5 to 6 weeks. Share art and student art, and inform new and present projects we are working on.

Thanks for listening!


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