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Teabag Art? Whattttt?????

Have you ever heard of Teabag Art? This has captured my curiosity- seems to be a fun, no stress method for making miniature art. And who doesn’t like tea? . . . Me, LOL! I drink coffee, its my beverage of choice- but I love the thought of drinking tea.

Silly, I know. I do drink tea once in a while, but I think about it much more than I drink it! When I drink tea I use loose tea, that doesn’t have a bag. Matter o fact I have a Soul Process Art Tea- “Dance with my Imagination” designed by a good friend who makes teas with all organic herbs- they are lovely- even if I just think about it!

“What we think, we become.” Buddha

Tea is healing; it is calming and leans a Zen vibration to our moment. That's not a medical statement- it’s just my feeling about it-so simple thinking about tea makes me calm, soft and lovely- I guess. Thanks Buddha for that confirmation on what we think, we become.

To add to my calm, soft, and lovely Zen ambiance I am making Teabag greetings- a new project that lightens my heart! Let me tell you my process- you might want to join me!

A more detailed STEP BY STEP will be available on my website in a few days.

This project is meant to use - what you have on hand, in this case you don’t need a tea bag.

1. Use sketch book paper, or a card stock paper if you have any.

2. Before cutting your card size- find the envelopes you plan to use- that will determine your size of card. I cut about 5 to 6 cards at a time. I have an endless supply of an old business envelope that was printed years ago. They have volunteered for this sacrificial project.

3. Do you have Mod Podge? Light color tissue paper small pieces- the size of a teabag. I keep everything- you never know when you might need a little piece of beautiful tissue or textured paper. I love textured paper- I use it a lot in my art! You can find all these things at a Michaels- you want paper that you can see through, light colors, because you are going to make designs on them and Mod Podge the pieces to your card stock paper cards.

4. Markers are fun and less effort is needed to use. If you like acrylics, watercolor, that will work. Colored pencils work nicely too.

5. A Brush

6. A needle and thread

This is a 3 part process

1. find envelopes

2. cut the card paper to fit the envelope- I do this steps- 5 to 6 cards at a time

3. cut the tissue paper the size of teabags, Mod Podge it to the front of the card,

ripe little scraps of coordinating tissue and Mod Podge to the front of the card to add design and color. Set aside and let dry until you are inspired with a design for one of your friends- some days I do one some days I do 2, I am on my way to doing 3 a day, my list is getting longer.

OK, if you have these things- you are set! I will be sharing step by step video’s in a few days, on my website to make this fun, no fuss no muss, love felt art project. If you have children- this is something that most 9 and over kids can do- but the next part is the most important! So please read on.

I miss my face 2 face friends during this COVID social distancing time- I feel closer to my Facebook friends than my friends I use to see on monthly occasions. Many of my friends are not on Facebook- so I am sending many missed friends one of my Teabag Greetings. . . I want to put something that resonates with them on the teabag art- and include a simple happy inside message. I want them to feel my love for our friendship and I hope they receive it just as I have sent it- in a teabag Zen ambiance . . . wishing them a soft message of wellness, peace, and illumination.

My goal is to make 1 or 2 cards within a 30 minute time spot, the teabag greeting is totally handmade, not fancy but full of heart felt love and them personally in mind. I address and stamp the envelope before I make the card. It will be completed and sent all in the same day.

I would never copy a person’s idea of art expression without permission.

Patricia Mosca is one of my new friends I have on Facebook. Patricia’s beautiful art inspirers me. She has a ritual of drinking tea every afternoon and making tea bag art. It is really amazing, love filled, and so heart felt. Small, delicately detailed, simple, no fuss no muss-no stress- that would defeat her mission, and so importantly included is a hand written message within the art. Her response to me when I ask if I could play with her Teabag Art, and do my own thing with it- was – Yes! Yes! Yes! Teabag art is not mine- its been around for a long time- enjoy!

So, here I am working on my Teabag Greetings! Simple, sweet, and filled with love.

If you want to join me in making cards or doing this out reach to those we don’t see enough of during these crazy times- please leave me a note- I will let you know when the step by step video’s are up on my website.

I simply love Patricia Mosca’s art. Checkout her facebook Patricia Mosca. She is at ETSY:

Thank Patricia! May you become what you think!

Be Well Be Blessed my friends


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Katherine Comeau
Katherine Comeau
Feb 28, 2021

Yesss. I need a kick start back into Art. This may just do it. Thank you xo.

Carolyn Boatman
Carolyn Boatman
Feb 28, 2021
Replying to

I’m hoping to get a few steps video tomorrow- hoping I can get them posted by Tuesday! Another learning curve, I’m sure it won’t be as easy as I’m imagining in my mind-lol! But lets have fun with this!

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